How to Choose a Great Set of aftermarket car speakers


With so many available speakers on the market,it is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and it can be hard to know what to look for.

If you’re on the lookout to find the best car speakers that fit your vehicle and meets your needs,then you’ll need to be aware of some very important points.Some of these keys are much important than others.

The very first thing you’ll need to do before you jump in is to to match your speakers to your sound system.To do that you should consider two main specifications in order to pick out the perfect speakers for your vehicle.

    • Sensitivity : It’s one of the most important keys you’ll need to take seriously,it measures the amount of sound a given speaker is able to yield from the power applied to it.Usually,the higher the sensitivity, the better. However,there’s something we’d like you to be aware of. If you have a high-powered sound system (powered with an outboard amplifier), then it’s highly recommended that you opt for speakers with lower sensitivity ratings, otherwise consider speakes with higher sensitivity rating.if your speakers are properly powered, they’ll provide excellent sound quality and will revitalize your listening experience.


  • Power-handling : power handling is an other important key spec you’ll need to consider while shopping for speakers.It lets you know how much power (measured in watts) a speaker can handle.If you have a highly powered sound system , then you’ll certainly need speakers that can handle a lots of power.on the other hand , if you have a decent sound system (no external amplifier used), then speakers with low power handling will get the job done. Bear in mind that the key spec in power-handling is the maximum RMS power-handling,and not the peak power handling.

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